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Supreme Court Makes Difference Of Opinion A Hate Crime

In a surprise decision–the judges didn’t even know they were deliberating the issue as half of them were taking naps–the Supreme Court has decreed differences of opinion to be hate crimes. The decision was passed 5 to 4, so clearly the judges had a difference of opinion about this.

Hate crimes carry serious penalties, as do differences of opinion. People unfriend or block others on social media, causing users undue stress and anxiety. To date, there has been no jail time or financial consequences linked to differences of opinion, but with this landmark decision, that will change.


The penalties will increase with the number of opinions expressed and the number of people involved with which a person charged with DOO disagree. The larger the group and the more popular their agreed upon opinion, the greater the fine and/or length of jail sentence for the opposing party.

The Supreme Court will, of course, leave matters such as penalties up to the lower courts, which will take into consideration who is involved, and what the DOO is. Signalling a virtuous stance will allow some leeway for the Disagree-ee, depending on how far back they pedal and when they decided to do it–before or after they showed themselves to be jerks.

This major step forward for genderfluidkind was passed in the interests of peace, love, and hope on the part of the Men, and Women, in Black, who sit on the highest bench in the land. Without any underwear.




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