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Flip-Flops And Beach Towels Go To The Hop With Matching Tote Bags

Flip-Flops and Beach Towels go to the Hop and the beach with a matching tote bag and a t-shirt dress. A Hop, for those of you who are under 100, is a dance, called so because the kids hopped around a lot, according to the “squares” who were chaperoning them.

The Daddy-Os in other words–aka, the gym teachers–who were usually big individuals. The librarian chaperoned, too–and was usually a woman–but librarians were notoriously naughty back then. Big mistake to ask her to chaperone. Big, big mistake. She spiked the punch.

Flip-Flops and Beach Towels Go to the Hop with a matching tote bag on
Are these cute, or what?


One of the gym teachers in the middle school I attended was also our math teacher. He had a square head and was not a cheery individual. He was all of about 25, probably, and had played football in college. He called us all by our last names; the girls were “Miss” Something, and the boys got the last name without a “Mr.”

I guess the flip-flops and beach towels could go anywhere together, even a pool would be acceptable–but a beach sounds just right in August. Everywhere is hot, except a beach. I can’t remember ever being hot at a beach, but I must have been at least once. It’s that you don’t really care if you’re hot at the beach. There’s always a breeze and the cool water is just a few steps away.

Here’s the matching beach towel. I wasn’t foolin’.


Cover up with this adorable dress and fit right in on your cruise. Sure, the cool kids might make fun of you, but that’s because they’re secretly jealous. You know they are.


So what was so special about the Hop? Bite your tongue, you texter, you gamer, you non-driver’s license holder! Watch American Graffiti IMMEDIATELY to find out what was so special. The Daddy-O chaperone at the hop in the movie was the geeky principal, but it works better that way. Ron Howard got to play the Bad Boy rebel for about two minutes and he does it looking as clean cut as an astronaut.

You’ll see Harrison Ford’s movie debut. In American Graffiti 2 you have to try hard to spot him, but he’s there, for all of about 3 minutes.

Flip-Flops and Beach Towels Go To The Hop on
Harrison Ford. Just a baby then.


This Graffiti town was inland California, but it didn’t matter–it was California and they could have been beach kids, particularly with great cars like the T Bird. If they’d been beach kids in Petaluma, which is where it was filmed, not far from San Francisco, which is not far from the ocean and beaches (okay, you can’t really go to the beach in SFO, but there’s ocean), you’d have seen them wearing my stuff and carrying my towels and totes:

The beach fits right on this bag.


American Grafitti, besides having Wolfman Jack in it, has the best songs, music that you probably still listen to when you’re at the beach. Seriously, you gonna listen to rap at the beach? At least let Stranger on the Shore play in the background, or better yet, The Beach Boys’ Little Surfer Girl.

These flip-flops from Printify are the ginchiest. I can’t stop making them. I have a pair with kittens, emojis, frog faces, sharks (I think they’re really koi–there is coy and there is koi and these babes are both) and then these above, which are featured in this beach post. Check them all out under Sneakers and Flip-Flops.

I don’t have sneakers on board yet, but there will be. Sneakers even John Milner might wear, if we can get him out of his white tee, jeans, and boots.

Whaddya say, John? I do wish he hadn’t been killed so young. Keep in mind there really was a John Milner, but this is Paul Le Mat, who is still very much alive:

John Milner, aka, Paul Le Mat. What a hunk.


American Graffiti makes me want to go to the beach and cruise downtown like I used to as a teenager. I really did that, in an orange Gremlin, with four or five of my friends. It was the greatest. I also raced my mom’s Avanti all over Mission Bay Blvd in San Diego. She would have plotzed had she seen the way I drove it a few times.

This is a teaser for swimsuits.

Let’s see more of the greatest things ever in beach wear. Yeah, yeah, it’s hyperbole. Whaddya gonna do, sue me? You can’t, because the Fishies In The Sea twirly skirt really is the cutest thing ever. You’d never see phone cases like these in the 60s.

A Fishies In The Sea phone case. Are you plotzing yet? Only time you can get your phone near water.

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