This page is “About Us,” but it’s mostly about me, a mom who wanted to start an ecommerce store after I retired. I registered the domain name,, back in the mid-90s—last century!– around the time the internet started to roll, and before I even had a computer. Over the years, I kept doing different things with the domain, and eventually settled on just writing what I wanted and being an affiliate.

When I branched out, I chose for this site to keep things simple, but really just to help me remember what I’m doing, where, and why.

After I had sat around the house for a bit, I started writing and ended up with 5 or 6 memoirs on Amazon. I still have three books in the works, and I start every day with the intention to work on them, but get distracted with all the fun of creating new products. I love colors, patterns, and adorableness, and fall in love with every product I create. It’s way too easy for me to be my own best customer.

I had listened to one too many gurus and got into t-shirt designs and ideas, of which I have at least 70, besides the ones already on the site, sitting around on paper. The creative fever led to pillows, totes, clocks, and soon shower curtains and quilts. If an image is pretty, appealing, elegant, brightly colored and patterned, or fun, I’ll snap it up and put it on something.

So many incarnations for one site, but it’s a done deal. I’m so addicted to creating new things people might like or find useful, that I spend upwards of 12 to 16 hours a day doing it, interspersed with going to the community pool for a workout and refereeing three dogs. My son helps me out with technical and creative stuff, as do the Fiverr peeps, as long as I pay them.

I’d like to learn graphic design myself, but I may never look up from the computer again if I go to the dark side.

Speaking of the dark side, don’t forget to check out the blog. If you want a heaping helping of satire to go with your shopping, you’ve come to the right place.